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Part-time Financial Controller and System Implementation

Part-time Financial Controller and System Implementation
For most of our companies we have taken over the role of part time financial control. It is a role that has developed naturally with the provision of outsourced book-keeping and payroll service, combined with the provision of management accounts. Our companies benefit from having qualified accountants overviewing their finance function, at a fraction of the cost of a full time accountant.
However, we also provide part time Financial Control to companies that prefer to keep the book-keeping and payroll function internal. We overview the accounting and financial function of the business. Very often this involves setting up an accounting system, cleaning up the existing / non existing accounting function, and then training staff to a high level to ensure that the administration and book-keeping are to a high standard. We are experts in getting accounts in order.


Financial Control involves the following:

  • Over-view of internal accounting / book-keeping function
  • Provision of management accounts
  • Year-end accounts to audit standard
  • Working with external auditor
  • Attending bank / finance related meetings
  • Preparing budgets forecasts
  • Giving general business advice